Unspoken 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Woes

Pelvic Girdle Pain

(Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction) or as I like to refer to as my screaming undercarriage – By far my worst symptom. An early release of good ole’ Relaxin (which relaxes and expands the pelvis) has caused pain beginning at 27 weeks. Basically the pressure of this giant belly has destabilized my 2 pubic bones, causing a feeling of tearing flesh every time my legs separate. It’s awful. Best relief has been getting in a pool and walking/floating and the buying a belly band (which I highly recommend)

Getting Hangry

Yes, becoming suddenly starving which quickly turns to angry. Food has to get into my mouth so fast which has led me to make unfavorable food choices. Which leads me to my delirious thought I will take it all off breast feeding and hitting the gym 6 weeks postpartum (wink wink).

Frequent Night Time Urination

Rather camel by day & water guzzler by night (leading to an average of 8 bathroom trips a night). My mom was recently visiting and forced me to drink during the day and surprise! I only got up twice that night and slept for a straight 7 hours. Yes, moms are always correct. Yet I have returned to behaving like a camel.

Green poop

(TMI I know) – although normal, the sudden onset is alarming. My experience started around 29 weeks and has lasted through to 31 weeks. Research states contributing factors are prenatal vitamins (which I’ve been taking this entire pregnancy so I don’t believe), medications (I am on none) and diet – an increase in leafy green veggies (my intake has not changed). Reason for me is still unknown however I am going to blame it on a surge in hormones.

Extra sweaty body parts

Due to increased metabolic rate and/or fluctuating hormones, or in my case, extreme weight gain. I change bras twice a day and underwear at least three times a day. And wow, cotton pregnancy underwear is so much better than the beautiful lace trimmed Victoria Secret undies. There is no secret how sweaty some of my parts are.

Frisbee sized nipples

I had forgotten how big and stretched the skin gets on your chest. The nipples are no exception. Why doesn’t anyone share that you can expect them to be frisbee sized by the time you give birth? Good grief they are huge and quite unsexy! I do remember them shrinking back at some point post pregnancy.

Loaves of Bread for feet

Swelling swelling swelling. If you are lucky like me, your feet will not just swell, but also grow! Through this pregnancy, I have discovered my right foot has outpaced my left. This has made my daily shoe choices challenging.

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