When lazy strikes

Everyone has a way of doing things and as long as the task is gets done, there is no best way. Yes, I have a history of certainly believing my way is best as I identify as a stereotypical Virgo, however, I consciously do my best to keep my mouth shut if the job is getting done (“do my best” means I’m still no saint!). It’s when laziness strikes and the task is half-ass’d, I can’t help but lose it a little!

We recycle. However, the bin is emptied every other week. It’s unfortunate since we suffer from a serious Amazon.com addiction. It’s bad, no joke. Neighbors often comment about a different brown box gracing our doorstep daily. So, coupled with our carbonated beverage fix, we have loads of recycling.

I admit, there are few things more annoying than having to play Tetris with your trash. But every few days I grab the scissors, break down the boxes and strategically arrange them in the bin. Imagine, one week to go before pick up, I see this…

GRRRRRRRRRR. A half ass’d attempt at completing a task!!!! I pulled all the sad boxes out, broke them down and placed them back in the bin.

Was this really that bad? Should I lose my mind over a half ass’d task? Absolutely not. What to do:

  1. do not rush in, find fault, accuse & harass (I’ve done this countless times and it made life so much worse).
  2. make time to disarm your internal bomb. Put it in perspective! Was it really that bad? Was anyone hurt? Did it result in financial loss? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? (the answer is often no)
  3. find the bright side. In this situation, I was going to break down the boxes anyway, so it didn’t matter the boxes were prematurely moved into the bin. It was actually comical that we could continue to use the bin pictured above for an additional week.
  4. face the facts and let it go. No point in holding on, finding fault and creating more tension in the relationship.

Balance is of the essence for a successful marriage.

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