Backyard Chickens, 5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Keep Them

Here are 5 amazing reasons you should consider keeping backyard chickens.

1. Fresh, Nutritious & Delicious Eggs

Backyard eggs are amazing in so many ways. Fresh from your coop to kitchen, you know exactly how old your food is. The eggs are healthier, providing more Vitamin A, D, twice the amount of Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Omega 3s and less saturated fats. And they are rich with flavor and have strong yolks which make for a great poached egg.

2. Inexpensive & Low Maintenance

After initial coop set-up costs, they don’t require much. No walking or grooming and you can leave for weekend trips without needing a petsitter. Retrieve their eggs, replenish water & food a few times a week and change their coop bedding monthly. So minimal!

3. They Make Entertaining Pets & Kids Love Them

Believe it or not, chickens are entertaining. Each with their own personality, you will learn their likes and dislikes. They are also great educational tools for kids. Children understand where their food comes from and also learn responsibility caring for the animals.

4. Recycle Your Kitchen Food Waste

They will enjoy your veggie and fruit scraps, most non-meat items such as cooked rice, pasta, yogurt, and even scrambled eggs! you can even crush up the egg shells after you make eggs and return to the chickens as a calcium supplement. This will cut costs as you will no longer need as much oyster shell.

5. Fertilizer

Gross; however, chicken poop makes an amazing garden fertilizer. It does take some work to collect and redistribute, but any garden growing enthusiast will appreciate it.