Snoo Smart Bassinet, A Surefire Way to Get Sleep With An Infant

I was skeptical at first when my sister-in-law raved about the incredible sleep she was getting despite having a newborn. My first thought was, this is her first baby, she’s got nothing to compare her experience to, this can’t be real. She credited this smart bassinet called the Snoo.

I zombie walked through the first 2 years with each of my children. Four years of miserable sleep deprivation. I read articles online, bought the sleep books, consulted friends, attempted every sleep training method and NOT one worked. The frustration and exhaustion took a serious toll on both my work life and more importantly my marriage.

Fast forward and I’m pregnant with #3!

Over the moon ecstatic, however, secretly dreading those sleepless nights. The Snoo sounded too good to be true and with this being our last child, there was no way we were buying a $1,400 “responsive” bassinet. There is no price you can put on sleep, however it was still too painful to click purchase.

The Rental Program

For $3.70/day ($112/month + sales tax) we could rent the Snoo Smart Sleeper. This was the perfect solution. Still skeptical, but with only a 1 month commitment, free shipping and a $45 non-refundable “reconditioning fee” (to clean and sanitize), it was a no-brainer. We could always cancel the rental.

It shipped quickly and was easy to assemble. The bassinet is simple with only a power button. I LOVE THIS! Especially since I suffer from postpartum baby brain. I downloaded the app to my phone and begin using from day 1. It tracks the baby’s daily sleep and controls the level of motion.

Baby in Snoo Smart Bassinet

Today, our baby is 3 months and averages 10+ continuous hours a night. I never imagined this was possible. Her record is 11 hours and 26 minutes. How can this be? The Snoo.

The Snoo Smart Bassinet is the GREATEST invention for parents with infants less than 6 months old.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp and if his name sounds familiar, he also is America’s #1 pediatrician and author of Happiest Baby on the Block (one of the many books I read while sleep training my first 2 kiddos).

Snoo Smart Bassinet screenshot of sleep record at 2 months old
The daily snapshot from our record setting sleep when she was 2 months old.

Next to sleep, the other HUGE benefit to the Snoo Smart Bassinet, is safety.

The baby is zipped into a pouch (very Hannibal Lector-esque looking) which keeps them secure and sleeping on their backs. The rental program includes 3 sleep sacks to use as the baby grows (small, medium & large). We have piece of mind knowing she wouldn’t roll over. The swaying motion and womb-like sounds increase with fussiness, so she is soothed back to sleep.

Baby sleeping in Snoo Smart Bassinet

The Snoo is the Rolls Royce of bassinets. If you need further confirmation, check out Instagram and follow #Snoo, #Snoonation, #Snoostretch (parents document the awesome stretch their babies do when unzipped…which has also my become one of my favorite events of the day). To sum it up, it’s safe, gets the baby to stay asleep (giving parents more sleep), easy to use & it has a super sleek and stylish design. Now if they would just design a Snoo for my 4 year old!

We loved our Snoo Smart Bassinet
Loving our Snoo!!

I would rent this again! If I was starting with my first child, I would have definitely made the purchase.

Need help transitioning your baby from the Snoo Smart Bassinet to the crib? Check out this post on what helped us make it an effortless transition.

This is not a sponsored post & I did not receive any compensation for my opinions. And yes, we will use our Snoo until she outgrows it or turns 6 months (whichever comes first).

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Snoo Bassinet Review

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