Why Hello Fresh Is Our New Thanksgiving Tradition

This year we said goodbye to agonizing over Thanksgiving dinner. There had been too much time wasted plotting, planning and answering the mystery question, “what time are we eating?” Countless hours spent surfing through recipes with unknown outcomes, compiling grocery lists, trips to the store, making notes with preparation times and temps. Will everything be ready on time? Will it even taste good? All.the.stress.is.now.gone! Hello Hello Fresh!

We discovered the Hello Fresh Thanksgiving Box and it is AMAZING. Everything needed to pull off a 6-8 person Thanksgiving meal is provided in 2 nicely packed boxes. We received our package a week in advance and it included precise directions from defrosting the turkey to preparing the sides. My husband, a huge Hello Fresh fan, discovered this miracle offering and happily accepted the challenge to prepare it. (YESSSSSSS!)

Removing the turkey neck and giblets

The directions were spot on and our beautiful turkey was properly defrosted and ready to go.

Removing the turkey neck and giblets

After locating and removing the neck and giblets, he was ready to embark on this cooking adventure. For those of you new to cooking turkeys, make sure you find all the parts hidden in the body cavity. I may have cooked a turkey or two with the bag of organs still inside. (oops!)

In addition to the whole turkey, the menu included Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Ciabatta Stuffing with Chicken Sausage, a Green Bean Casserole, Cranberry Sauce and a Ginger Apple Crisp for dessert.

chopping the apples for the Hello Fresh Apple Crisp
Preparing the Apple Ginger Crisp
Preparing the ciabatta bread for the oven
Getting ready to bake the chopped Ciabatta bread for the stuffing
Cooking sausage for Hello Fresh's Ciabatta Stuffing
Sauteeing the chicken sausage for the stuffing
Prepping Hello Fresh's Green Bean Casserole
Green Bean Casserole ready for baking
mixing the creamy mashed potatoes
Preparing the Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Hello Fresh Perfectly Roasted Turkey
Roasted Turkey

Our prep took about 3 hours. Every dish was perfectly timed and ready to eat once the turkey was finished. (Unbelievable)

Hello Fresh Turkey

Our turkey was COOKED TO PERFECTION. When it began to brown, we covered the top with foil to prevent burning. And although we had a meat thermometer, we ultimately used the pop-up to determine when to pull it from the oven. The only thing which didn’t work for us was gathering the juices from the base of the pan to make the gravy. Our liquid either evaporated or burned. Luckily, I had a package of beef gravy mix in the pantry to supplement.

Hello Fresh Ciabatta Stuffing

Our Ciabatta Stuffing was DELICIOUS. It was by far everyone’s favorite. The structure of the toasted ciabatta was on point and perfectly enhanced by the sautéed chicken sausage. It was so good, I reheated for breakfast 2 days in a row!

Hello Fresh Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Our Creamy Mashed Potatoes were TASTY. Definitely creamy and very flavorful. Probably because they are made with the small golden potatoes rather than the large brown russet potatoes.

Hello Fresh Green Been Casserole

Our Green Been Casserole was just OK. This was the least favorite. Despite having the French Fried Onions and some mushroom sauce, the flavor fell a little flat.

Hello Fresh Ginger Apple Crisp

Our Ginger Apple Crisp was DIVINE. Scrumptious and the perfect encore. It was like an appIe crumble. We topped with vanilla ice cream and a squirt of whipped cream (both were not included) and it was tasty.

Hello Fresh Ginger Apple Crisp
Ginger Apple Crisp

Everyone was delighted with dinner. The Hello Fresh Thanksgiving Box is our new family tradition. And we have already placed our order for the Hello Fresh Christmas Box (and have selected the beef tenderloin – can’t wait!!!!)

As mentioned earlier, we are huge fans and subscribe to their 3 meals a week plan. There is a reason why they are the #1 ranked meal delivery program. They often run specials and introductory offers where you can get up to 10 free meals. For more information about their meal plans, check out their website: www.hellofresh.com

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