The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe

The holidays are here and there isn’t a better time for cookie decorating! This is my favorite sugar cookie recipe which creates soft buttery flavorful cookies. It’s a simple recipe with basic ingredients. The cookie dough rolls out smooth, cuts easy, cooks in 6-7 minutes and the cookies keep their shape. Best of all, they taste amazing!

front back and side of the perfect sugar cookie
finished cookie

Sugar Cookie Helpful tips:

  • Sweet cream butter is a no-no. Do not use, it makes the dough sticky and wet
  • Do not over mix when creaming your butter & sugar, this adds too much air
  • For dough thickness – I use an adjustable rolling pin with removable rings so I can evenly roll to the desired thickness
  • I roll out the dough on wax paper. The dough doesn’t stick and its easy to lift off when transferring to the cookie baking sheet
  • This sugar cookie recipe above makes about 12-14 large cookies (3″-4″ cookie cutters)
  • Minimize project time by baking more cookies at once. Use these extra large 21″ x 15″ baking sheet pans (make sure you measure your oven width, it fits perfectly in my standard oven)
  • Limited on space? these stackable cooling racks are awesome. Package includes 3. I stack when cookies cool, then unstack and use as drying racks during my cookie decorating parties
  • Ann Clark holiday cookie cutters are hands down the best in quality & design. Made in the USA and have been around 30+ years
  • I prefer mixing up some royal icing & adding gel coloring but often use Wilton’s bottled cookie icing when the kids are decorating. The Wilton icing comes in a handy squirt bottle and is just easier for the kids to handle.

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe

  1. I tried your sugar cookie recipe. Yummy! It was easy and melt in your mouth delicious. It’s great that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated too!
    This one’s a keeper in my recipe book.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this easy to make recipe. It’s perfect. I was looking for a recipe to make heart shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day! Awesome

  3. Your cookies are beautiful! Can you also share your royal icing recipe? I can’t seem to get the consistency right. I loved the extra tips after the recipe as well. I might incorporate that into my own recipes. Thanks so much for putting this out.

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