Candy Cane Rice Krispies Recipe

Need a festive sweet holiday treat to pair with that steaming cup of hot chocolate as you snuggle under your favorite fuzzy blanket? or something to satisfy that school bake sale commitment which you almost forgot about? Better yet, just in the mood to show off some baking skills without the baking? Packed with holiday goodness, these white chocolate candy cane Rice Krispies bring cheer to everyone’s tongue. It’s the perfect December holiday twist on an all time favorite treat.

Candy Cane Rice Krispies recipe card

Holiday Treat Helpful Tips:

  • This recipe makes about double a regular batch so use a deep 9×13 pan
  • I place parchment paper over my candy canes then gently crush the candy using a meat tenderizer (see photo below)
  • The white chocolate chips and candy canes you add to the cereal will melt
  • It’s visually pleasing to see the peppermint candy canes however, if the pieces are too large, it will be hard to bite into & chew
  • Use parchment paper (the same piece you used to crush the candy canes) to gently press the warm mix into he 9 x 13 pan or you can use the backside of a wet spoon. Both options prevent the mix from sticking.
  • Do not use a heavy hand pressing the mix into the pan (unless you want really dense Krispies treats). I touch the mix enough move the mix into the corners for shape. They will become dense once the white chocolate cools.
  • Mix will be a slight pink color from the melted candy canes.
Ghiradelli white chocolate baking chips and crushed candy canes
White chocolate chips and candy canes are the 2 added ingredients to this favorite classic treat
crushed candy cane using a kitchen meat tenderizer
festive candy cane Rice Krispies the finished product ready to eat
boxed candy cane Rice Krispies with a festive candy cane attached
Bake Sale Ready! (box part of a 3 pack purchased from Michaels). This box did not fit the entire pan of treats.

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