Snoo to Crib Transition – 2 Must Haves

We are huge fans of the Happiest Baby’s Snoo Smart Bassinet. However, when it came time for our Snoo to crib transition, the Snoo’s “weaning” feature didn’t work for us. Even after we followed the recommended steps again and again. She weaned from the bassinet’s motion, however she really missed the tight swaddle. Eventually, our baby refused the Snoo all together and wouldn’t sleep in the crib either. For the first time, we were faced with frustration, fatigue and confusion as to what we needed to make bedtime effortless again. We finally found 2 items which made our weaning from the Snoo to crib effortless. The Dohm White Noise Machine and the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.

The Dohm White Noise Machine helps transition from Snoo to Crib by replicating the white noise.

Our Dohm White Noise Machine has been on every night in our house for years. It helped our second son sleep and now our baby is loving it. Dohm provides the same constant white noise our baby had while using the Snoo and it drowns out our late night family noise. When weaning from the Snoo to crib, even the Happiest Baby says it’s best to continue with white noise. Other great features include: compact size which makes it convenient for travel and it has a simple high/low switch for easy use.

The next challenge was how to limit our baby from startling herself awake.

Throughout our Snoo to crib transition, our baby hated having her arms free. She was content in the cocoon-like Snoo sack, but we knew weaning was a must since she was aging out of the bassinet. Our pediatrician was also worried the baby was too old to be swaddled. We tried all brands of sleep sacks, however, she continued to startle herself awake.

She needed a cross between a sleep sack and a swaddle. Hello Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit!

It’s marketed as a swaddle transition product, was designed for back sleeping in a crib and invented by a mother of 4 who also works as a Pediatric Physical Therapist. The suit comes in cotton or fleece and mimics a weighted swaddle but with the baby’s arm and legs free. It’s heavily insulated so it’s crucial to dress the baby appropriately to prevent overheating. We purchased on Amazon and opted for the Cotton 6-9 months size which is the bigger of the two options.

Sleepsuit helps Wean from Snoo to crib

Our first night wasn’t magical, but every night since has been.

It took one night for her to adjust. She would startle, the arms would fly up like a Maestro conducting a symphony and then settle back down. Now, bedtime is easy again and she is sleeping uninterrupted in her crib! Gone are the nights of waking over and over again.

The sleepsuit has become a significant bedtime cue.

What we didn’t realize, was this sleep suit came with another added perk. It is now a significant bedtime cue for her. She recognizes it’s time to sleep the minute we zip her in. This has been incredibly beneficial when traveling. She may be in a different crib or pack’n play, but the same sleepsuit means it’s time to sleep. The only con is it takes a bit longer to dry after washing it. We found drying it, then turning it inside out and drying it more solved the problem.

She may look like the Ghostbuster’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but she now sleeps like a dream.

I highly encourage checking out the Baby Merlin’s Magical Sleepsuit if you too are stuck weaning your baby from the Snoo to the crib, especially if your baby won’t give up the swaddle or if your baby continues to startle themselves awake.

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One thought on “Snoo to Crib Transition – 2 Must Haves

  1. Hi!!! I have been following since I was pregnant! I am a first time mom to Jack who is 3& 1/2 months old! This week he has shown signs of trying to roll over from his back to stomach while on floor time and is in the Snoo with arms swaddled down( he has ALWAYS loved arms down to sleep since birth). My husband was just diagnosed with a rare sarcoma called EHE and we have to travel on Wednesday through Sunday to meet with an oncologist. My in laws will be watching him. So, he will be in a pac n play. My concern is that he will be swaddled in the sleepea swaddle or the Ollie. I have tried one arm out while in the snoo this week and then both arms out and he SCREAMS!! I am really concerned that while we are gone he might roll over while swaddled with both arms in the pac n play! He has not rolled from back to stomach; but is showing signs: like arching his neck back to look behind him and trying to reach for objects behind him- all this week! Of course this is the week that we found out about my husband’s cancer too😢… Is there a product that you would recommend that’s safe for him to sleep in that makes him feel like he’s swaddled? Maybe I am being a little paranoid? I just feel that he’s so safe in the snoo- and now with his sleep regression AND doing the looking behind him I am fearful he might try to roll while sleeping & swaddled! I was thinking the magic Merlin suit? What are your thoughts? I am feeling a little desperate & have reached out to my pediatrician; but have not heard back! Any recommendations would be HIGHLY Appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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