DIY Royal Icing Recipe

Items Needed:

Combine 1 lb of Confectioners (powdered sugar) & 3 tablespoons of meringue powder with 8 tablespoons of warm water.

Mix on medium speed for about 5 minutes. This will result in a consistency for piping (outlining your cookie). For a thinner icing for “flooding” (filling in your cookie) add tiny amounts of warm water and remix.

Use your number 3 tip for piping or outlining your cookie. Let dry for a few minutes then use number 5 for flooding/filling in.

Tip: To limit the amount of cleaning, use Saran Wrap inside your piping bags. To do this, tear a section of Saran Wrap off and lay on your counter. Pour your desired icing onto the Saran Wrap. Seal your icing by wrapping like a tootsie roll. place into the icing bag, pulling one end through the opening, cut the excess Saran Wrap hanging out, add the piping tip and screw on the coupler. Once you have finished using the icing just remove & discard. Your icing bag should be relatively without mess (and ready for your next color)